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High Performance Deep Learning Computing

AMAX AI is on a mission to enable researchers, scientists, data engineers, AI product managers and Ops teams to maximize resource utilization of high performance computing infrastructure so that they can improve faster time-to-results and outcomes. From deep learning desktop office workstations, server workstation, and private networks to cloud and data center server environments, we work on the hardware challenges so that AI teams and organizations in all industries can focus their time on value creation.

Hardware designed to meet the new demands of AI and data analytics

Deep Learning Workstations

Customizable data science workstations pre-loaded and configured with Ubuntu and GPU-accelerated libraries and frameworks.


NVIDIA® DGX Station™ A100

Maximize data science productivity with a full-stack solution and enterprise-grade support from NVIDIA.


Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses and academia

Revolutionary performance powered by NVIDIA – the best GPU for machine learning

The world’s first personal supercomputer for leading-edge AI development. NVIDIA DGX Station features four NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators fully connected through NVIDIA® NVLink™, the NVIDIA high-performance GPU interconnect, and is powered by the DGX Software Stack. The DGX Station gives computational scientists, data scientists, and AI researchers the fastest start in deep learning, HPC, and data science from the convenience of their desks.


NVIDIA DGX Station is a deep learning workstation architected for high performance, multi-GPU neural network training equivalent or better than what’s traditionally found in a data center, now placed at the developer’s fingertips.


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