Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Solutions
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving unprecedented advancements in technology and revolutionizing industries around the globe.

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Generative AI

AMAX custom AI solutions are at the forefront of technology with generative AI. Capable of training complex text-speech, text-text, and text-image AI, our custom solutions are enabling future industries with generative AI.

Leveraging large language models like GPT-4 and Llama-2, our expert engineers design your AI solution with future applications in mind. We optimize for compute, network, and storage, customizing for power, space, and cooling to create unique AI solutions tailored to your use case.

We also offer the NVIDIA AI Platform as a full-scale end-to-end solution for implementing AI across various industries. From healthcare and life sciences to telecommunications and cybersecurity, AMAX AI is accelerating workflows and optimizing processes for businesses worldwide.

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Smart Stores

One of the many ways that AMAX AI is changing the way we live and work is by powering cashierless checkout smart stores. Seen globally, these AI-enabled stores are making retail faster and more efficient. Shoppers simply walk in, grab what they want, and leave. Payment is processed later.

To bring intelligent stores to more shoppers worldwide, AMAX designs scalable edge solutions optimized for custom deployment environments, meeting each retailer's specific needs. We design each AI solution for its specific application and pre-configure it with the necessary software.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Creating safer roads and reducing greenhouse gases, AMAX AI is fueling the future of self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles. These cars present unique computing challenges, requiring complex liquid-cooled edge-AI solutions and large-scale GPU clusters. At AMAX, we design both.

Our engineers customize the size, power, efficiency, and cooling of each system to the exact requirements for your autonomous vehicles' success. With platforms like NVIDIA DRIVE® infrastructure, businesses can access complete support for data ingestion, curation, labeling, and training to optimize their self-driving vehicles' hardware and software.

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Build Your One-of-a-kind Solution

Calculated Compute

Hyper dense, scalable compute is crucial for fast data processing and model training for AI developers.

AMAX Advantage:
Our solutions are customized with the latest GPUs and Accelerators from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, ensuring your AI applications run seamlessly on your hardware of choice.

Enhanced Networking

Low-latency, high-bandwidth networking is essential for seamless data transfer between AI systems and devices.

AMAX Advantage:
Our solutions support NVIDIA Mellanox and NVIDIA InfiniBand end-to-end networking infrastructure to optimize your network for AI applications.

High-Performance Storage

We design your storage solution for high data throughput and low latency data access and retrieval.

AMAX Advantage:
AMAX and Excelero’s custom designed StorMax® and dynamic options from our partners at DDN, Vast, and Weka offer scalable storage solutions specific to your AI dataset.

Energy-Efficient Power

Long-lasting, highly efficient power supplies create less environmental impact and lower energy costs for the user.

AMAX Advantage:
We tailor your power infrastructure to the necessary form factor, use case, and location to enable maximum efficiency and meet your sustainability goals.

Quiet Cooling

Our custom liquid, immersion, and air-cooled solutions effectively dissipate heat from hyper-dense systems quietly and efficiently.

AMAX Advantage:
Our environmentally responsible liquid cooling and immersion cooling technology allow data centers to achieve a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of <1.03.

Adaptive Space

Flexible and scalable infrastructures provide dynamic AI solutions without compromising on power.

AMAX Advantage:
We design solutions for on-prem, edge, application, and cloud environments so you can deploy your AI system anywhere, anytime.

AI Solutions at Scale

The right infrastructure designed for the right project.

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