From the Datacenter to the Intelligent Edge, we engineer your Enterprise AI and Liquid Cooling computing solutions

We utilize our extensive engineering expertise in electronics, electrical, networking, HPC, thermal management, liquid cooling, and storage solutions to tailor a comprehensive computing solution, encompassing both hardware and software, to address and fulfill the unique challenges and computing requirements of our customers.​

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Building Next-Generation GPU Cluster Solutions for AI

Building your AI initiatives with AMAX's GPU clusters and HPC infrastructure, designed for rapid customization and deployment of AI models at scale.

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Artificial Intelligence

AMAX’s AI solutions are redefining enterprise LLM Deployment, and driving innovation, all while granting a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

Liquid Cooling

AMAX’s liquid cooling solutions transform data centers, optimizing performance while reducing costs, unlocking new capabilities, and decreasing environmental impact.


AMAX engineers advanced compute solutions tailored for industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, government, and higher education.

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