NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, provided by AMAX, gets you instant access to AI. Whether you are just beginning your journey into AI or looking to rapidly scale an ongoing operation. DGX Cloud delivers a transformative platform to initiate and experiment with AI deployments all from a single-pane view.

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Cloud Made Simple

Choosing AMAX as your DGX Cloud provider streamlines the process of accessing and implementing AI on the cloud. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting optimal cloud instances that align with your required compute and are customized to your specific workload.

As NVIDIA Elite Partners, we offer seamless integration of cloud services with your current IT infrastructure, enabling you to initiate AI training, fine-turning, and deployment effortlessly. Our expertise extends to hybrid and on-premises solutions, providing you unparalleled flexibility and scalability for all your data needs.

DGX Cloud Benefits

  • Multi-node scaling from one instance to thousands
  • Support from NVIDIA AI Experts to help optimize AI performance
  • Full Access to NVIDIA AI Enterprise Base Command Platform
  • Predictable monthly pricing that includes software, compute, storage, data egress, and support
Hybrid Cloud image

Do More with Hybrid Cloud

The explosion of AI applications across diverse industries has led to an increasing demand of advanced hardware to support AI workloads. With extended lead times and limited physical space for additional servers, businesses are turning to hybrid cloud solutions. Integrating cloud services alongside on-premises and edge solutions provides users enhanced flexibility. This approach enables immediate creation and testing of AI deployments, avoiding added costs and delays associated with acquiring additional hardware, infrastructure improvements, and continual maintenance. While on-premises solutions can still offer advantages in terms of long-term investment and security, hybrid cloud presents an excellent option for businesses seeking immediate access to AI.

Key Applications

AI Training

Accelerate AI training for faster model exploration, higher return on investment (ROI), and significant cost savings.

AI Inference

Deploy trained AI models with optimized throughput, efficiency, and flexibility for the end users.


Experience real-time rendering for product design, engineering simulation and content creation.


Key Features

  • Multi-node capable
  • 8x NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs or 8x NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs per node (640GB total)
  • Access to the latest GPU technology
  • 10TB storage per instance
  • 10TB egress per month per tenant
  • Scale up storage and egress as needed
NVIDIA Base Command


Unlocking DGX Cloud gets you access to DGX™ platform, the all-in-one software solution. The DGX platform provides pretrained models, optimized frameworks, and accelerated data science libraries, all seamlessly integrated into your DGX Cloud experience.

Seamless Transition from Cloud to On-Premises

While DGX Cloud delivers rapid scalability for enterprise compute, on-premises infrastructure can still offer more secure, cost efficient solutions for AI. Whether you are aiming to shift your cloud deployments to on-prem or utilize DGX Cloud to augment your current infrastructure, our team of experts are here to help. Speak to our team of engineers to find which solution is right for you.