Groundbreaking AI, at your desk

DGX Station supports accelerated analytics, deep learning training, and inferencing, all within a single versatile platform, that packs the computing capacity 400 GPU’s into a desk-friendly package that consumes less than 1/20th the power. It’s the only personal AI supercomputer that integrates four Volta powered V100 GPUs, with innovations including NVIDIA NVLink and Tensor Core architecture.

Productivity that takes you from desk to data center

Deep learning platforms require software engineering expertise to keep today’s frameworks optimized for maximum performance, with time spent waiting on stable versions of open source software.

NVIDIA DGX Station includes access to popular deep learning frameworks like Caffe, Tensorflow, Torch, Theano, and more which are updated monthly, each optimized by NVIDIA engineers for maximized performance. It also includes access to NVIDIA DIGITS™ deep learning training application, third-party accelerated solutions, the the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK (e.g. cuDNN, cuBLAS, NCCL), CUDA® Toolkit, multi-GPU collectives NCCL and NVIDIA drivers.

Built on container technology powered by NVIDIA Docker, this unified deep learning software stack simplifies workflow, saving you days in re-compilation time when you need to scale your work and deploy your models in the data center or cloud. The same workload running on DGX Station can be effortlessly migrated to the cloud, without modification.

NVIDIA DGX Software Stack

Unparalleled deep learning training performance

Delivers 47X faster training

DGX Station performance projected based on DGX (with V100) Workload: ResNet50, 90 epochs to solution | CPU Server: Dual Xeon E5-2699 v4, 2.6 GHz. Projections subject to change.

Get started within 1 hour with NVIDIA DGX Station

Maximize productivity

Deploy quickly and simply

Plug-and-play setup that takes teams from power-on to data science and AI research

NVIDIA GPU cloud and support

Access to NVIDIA’s vast deep learning knowledge, expertise, and the latest software updates

NVIDIA® DGX Station™

Accelerate your data science and AI research today

NVIDIA DGX Station™ Whitepaper

DGX Station gives computational scientists, data scientists and AI researchers the fastest start in deep learning, HPC, and data science from the convenience of their desks. Understand how NVIDIA DGX Station will allow you to experiment at your desk and extend same deep learning software across DGX systems and the cloud.

From your desk to the data center to the cloud

Purpose-built from the ground up, NVIDIA DGX Systems are designed to give data scientists the most powerful tools for AI exploration.

NVIDIA DGX Software Stack

NVIDIA DGX Software Stack

Greater Productivity & ROI

Greater Productivity & ROI

Access to AI expertise

Access to AI expertise


Deploying an AI platform can be complex and time-consuming, including the effort required to build a platform and engineer a software stack that’s optimized for maximum performance.  Together with NVIDIA, AMAX AI provides the total solutions that enables you to get results faster.

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